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I have been clairvoyant for the last 25 years, when the birth of my second son triggered an intuitive sense that had lain dormant for some time.

Sensitivity has always been a part of my nature and combined with the ability to link with spirit allows me to read with enhanced accuracy, clarity and foresight.

I love connecting with spirit and the wonderful people who contact Crystal Clear and do my absolute best to provide quality readings, healing and insight.


Love Lynley :)

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My name is Maria & I have been a part of Crystal Clear for almost 13 years. I work with the angelic realm & have the gift of  clairvoyance & healing. It is a joy & a privilege to connect with loved ones & sometimes even pets that have passed over. My children have also inherited these gifts & my aim is to give you peace, understanding & also to heal. My prayer is that having a reading with me or any one of us at Crystal Clear, you will receive the guidance you need with compassion, love & sensitivity.When you talk with us, you will open the door to an angelic & spiritual connection; the messages you receive are real & sent to you with unconditional love.

May you find the answers to questions you have.

God bless. Maria x



With the loving influence of my mother & grandmother, who were both psychic, I have been reading for people since I was a teenager over 38 years ago with great success.

I joined Crystal Clear six years ago & have built up a number of regular clients. I enjoy connecting with spirit to help guide & direct them by bringing peace into their lives.

I do love animals & am able to contact lost pets using Clairaudience & my original set of Tarot cards.


Love and light, Grace xxx

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My name is Elizabeth & I have always been open & intuitive with a definite awareness of spirit around me. 

Throughout my early high school years, I found a hobby in meditation & began to connect with my past loved ones. Even though I am still in my teens, as the years have passed, my abilities and  connection with my gate keepers has grown. I love passing on messages and showing people the light and love around them, in the hope to guide them into a better future.


Love Elizabeth x


Happy, Fulfilled Clients


"I have swung from being cautiously optimistic to genuinely enthusiastic about the quality of readings I have received from Lynley. Opportunities to relocate globally with work were predicted by her and came totally out of left field.

Information about a deceased relative who was guiding me contained very personal information that only I could have known about. I'm just an ordinary person working to maintain an ordinary life, but the insights and guidance I was given have proven to be invaluable to me - the word 'thanks' just doesn't seem to cut it!"

William Lawrence

“Maria has been an absolute life saver over the past 10 years. She has provided incredible insight and support throughout a difficult period of my life. Her sensitivity and compassion have allowed me to completely turn my life around and head in the right direction. I can't thank you enough Maria.”

Fay Nunnerly


“I will never forget the first time I got to speak with Grace from Crystal Clear Readings and found someone who could help me overcome my depression and sadness. Now I know that my life's worth living and that a positive outlook is the key to happiness and peace. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me.”

Catherine Davies

"I was really comforted to know that my Granddad who had recently passed away had made it to the other side and found my Grandma. He was very much at peace. At a critical point in your life, when you are having difficulty making the right decision, your spiritual guides can help you answer your own questions, but we need help to make that connection. I always wanted to believe that we were here for a reason, but getting confirmation from the spiritual world from Crystal Clear, has made me see the bigger picture in so many different ways."  

 Sarah S


When I rang Maria for a personal phone reading over a year ago, she predicted a positive outcome at a vey difficult time of my life, which absolutely came true. She told me that I would meet my soulmate and his name started with the letter "R". I only knew a few names and she said no to those. She described him as being very gentle, kind and lovely, he was all I could wish for. Time went by and a while ago I caught up with and old friend and his name started with "R".

We got chatting and started to get to know each other again, then a week after that we become a couple! He is everything that Maria described and I just want to thank her so much as my life is filled with so much happiness. Thanks again Maria, I have found my soulmate. xxx



"After facing a heartbreaking time in my life recently, I do not know where I would be without Maria's kindness and compassion. Her psychic insight and wisdom has helped me to remember my worth and given me the courage to face the future without fear. Maria has reminded me of my connection to spirit and of my own spirit within. Her patience and understanding along with practical solutions for healing has given me the confidence to believe in life again and that has truly been a blessing"


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